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Based on both scientific research and traditional use, Fertilica Natural Fertility Products are specially formulated 100% natural whole plant herbal supplements, extracts, oils and fertility specific supplements designed with one thing in mind; improving your reproductive health.

Our passion is to help you achieve your dream of becoming a parent through optimizing your fertility.

Fertilica Natural Fertility Product Benefits

Over the years we have learned about the specific needs our customers have and in response created a comprehensive product line to help support the most common fertility issues.

Recognizing that each person is an individual, our founder, Hethir Rodriguez, saw a need for a variety of whole plant herbs and supplements for different fertility imbalances. Out of this came the ever expanding Fertilica line. The family of Fertilica Natural Fertility Products are specifically formulated by Hethir Rodriguez, a natural fertility specialist and certified herbalist.

Fertilica products are of superior quality, highest potency and all natural. The Fertilica line works with the body to provide a wide range of benefits, with a key focus on holistic wellness, to help you improve your nutrition, hormone balance, and reproductive organ function.

Learn More about the Entire Line of Fertilica Natural Fertility Products

There are many fertility issues which can delay or decrease the chance for conception. The Fertilica line focuses on these issues, to specifically target the best ways to improve fertility naturally, to help you get your body in the best possible condition for healthy conception and pregnancy.

Fertilica Herbal Formulas

Conceptions Tea is a loose tea comprised of a blend of key herbal roots and leaves shown to support, tone and nourish the female reproductive system while also encouraging hormone balance. This product is excellent for women who are trying to conceive.

Dong Quai, an herb commonly used to in Traditional Chinese Medicine to nourish the blood, Dong Quai is one of the best herb to help improve circulation to the uterus, encouraging a healthy menstrual cycle.

FertiliCare Phase 1 & 2 is a unique set of two organic liquid herbal formulas, specific for use in two distinct phases of the menstrual cycle. The herbs in FertiliCare were specifically combined because of their ability to support female reproductive health, hormonal regulation, improved circulation and blood quality of the uterus, in preparation for pregnancy.

Harmonize Formula is a liquid herbal extract designed to encourage a healthy monthly fertility cycle that may have been missing due to long term hormone imbalance; helping to support normal hormonal balance, encourage regular ovulation, enhance estrogen metabolism, stimulate progesterone production, encourage healthy androgen levels in women and sooth common discomforts associated with PCOS.

Liver Cleanse Flushing Tea supports the liver’s natural ability to cleanse the blood while simultaneously supporting the liver in removing excess hormones from the body. Sip your way to normal liver function and health!

Liver Renew herbal capsules compliment Liver Cleanse Flushing Tea in order to help encourage liver health for hormone balance and body detoxification prior to conception

Maca is a Peruvian plant that’s use as a medicinal food dates back to ancient times. It has proven to be especially beneficial for supporting hormonal balance because of its action on the endocrine system, which is responsible for regulating hormones. Fertilica Maca is available in a loose powder (great in smoothies), liquid extract, and capsules.

MH5, this organic liquid male fertility formula combines 5 key herbs shown to improve male reproductive function, sperm count and health, while encouraging hormonal balance.

Milk Thistle Seed Extract is an herbal tincture. Known as one of the best herbs on the planet for liver health, Milk Thistle Seed also stimulates the liver and gallbladder to secrete bile; aiding in digestion. This herb protects and sustains the natural health of the liver, for healthy hormone balance.

Radiant Womb is a luxurious therapeutic massage oil designed for use with Self Fertility Massage or alone daily to encourage hormonal balance, circulation for healthy reproductive organs and to strengthen and relax the uterus. Radiant womb oil is a combination of organic herb infused oils and pure essential oils.

RecoverWell, this organic liquid herbal formula is designed to assist the body and mind in the recuperation phase following pregnancy loss.

RejuvaFlow is the only organic activating liquid herbal formula designed to encourage and promote healthy menstruation. Aiding hormonal balance to encourage or “re-start”a woman’s monthly menses that has been missing.

Tribulus is a fertility tonic for both men and women, aiding hormonal balance and improving immune system function. Tribulus has been used for thousands of years to improve sperm health in men and promote ovulation in women.

UteriCalm combines key herbs in a liquid extract that have been traditionally used for hundreds of years to help tone, calm and relax the uterus in preparation for implantation in the early stages of pregnancy and to encourage and sustain a healthy first trimester.

Vitex is one of the most popular herbs for female reproductive health, and for good reason. Our organic whole herb capsules or liquid extract ensure you get the wide range of beneficial components that make vitex so wonderful for regulating hormones, encouraging regular ovulation and a healthy menstrual cycle.

Women’s Best Friend is an encapsulated herbal blend designed to reduce occasional discomfort and swelling in the reproductive system, while simultaneously targeting the source and supporting the body’s natural ability to remove excess estrogen through liver support. It works with the body's natural detoxification processes to support normal endometrial growth and uterine health while reducing occasional discomforts including abnormal bleeding.

Natural Progesterone Cream is a natural bio-identical progesterone cream to help supplement your body’s own progesterone levels. Made with USP bio-identical progesterone and supportive herbs, formulated to support hormone balance. Comes with an easy to use pump dispenser for accurate application.

Saw Palmetto is a deeply nourishing herb for both female and male fertility. It has been traditionally used to help improve estrogen and androgen metabolism in women, and prostate health in men. Saw Palmetto promotes healthy metabolic function, hormonal balance and long-term vitality; all important aspects of healthy reproductive function.

Shatavari has the general ability to promote normal physical functions and counteract the adverse effects of stress. In eight different stress tests, Shatavari produced significant anti-stress and immunological effects. Studies have also shown that Shatavari supports the production of breast milk and promotes healthy liver activity.

is an adaptogenic herb traditionally used to improve the bodys ability to adapt to and handle stress, as well as support healthy endocrine system function.

Choice Enzymes is a proprietary blend of plant-based, systemic enzymes formulated by Natural Fertility Specialist Hethir Rodriguez to support reproductive health. This formula supports a healthy inflammatory response within the body, encourages healthy circulation and manages healthy tissue formation within the reproductive system.

Fertilica Nutritional Supplements
Our nutritional supplement line of products was created to help you ensure your body is baby ready once conception occurs, so you can give your child the best start at a healthy life.

Cod Liver Oil is one of the richest sources of omega-3 essential fatty acids, including DHA and EPA; two essential acids for proper brain and nervous system development. Cod liver is also naturally rich in vitamin A & D, necessary for proper development of vision and bones. Cod liver oil supports health from preconception through pregnancy and beyond.

CoQ10 Ubiquinol has been shown through several studies to improve egg and sperm health, while protecting DNA at a cellular level. Ubiquinol is the most biologically active form of coenzyme Q10. Our ubiquinol is readily absorbed in the digestive tract, ensuring optimal antioxidant levels are delivered.

FertiliWhey Protein Powder is one of the easiest ways to supplement your daily protein intake. Our FertiliWhey is the highest quality whey protein powder available, derived from the milk of grass fed, free range cows. It is minimally processed to maintain important, fragile immune-modulating and beneficial components naturally found in fresh raw milk. It comes in unflavored and chocolate, making it an excellent choice for smoothies.

Fertilica Plant Protein Powder - Vanilla is an easy, plant-based way to add protein into your daily diet, Fertilica Plant Protein powder tastes delicious and is a convenient way to make your fertility smoothie into a meal. Fertilica Plant Protein powder offers a vegetarian/vegan source of immune-supporting protein, essential fatty acids and amino acids, helping you to fulfill all of your nutritional needs for optimal fertility.

FertiliGreens ensures you get in your green foods daily. FertiliGreen is a combination of a wide variety of organic grasses, vegetables, flax seed, sea vegetables and herbal tonics, to supply the body with an abundance of minerals, vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants, chlorophyll and fiber. FertiliGreens tastes fantastic in juice and smoothies.

Fertile Woman One Daily is a whole food multivitamin, specially formulated with key nutrients and herbs for women in their reproductive years. Because it is made from whole foods, it is rapidly broken down and assimilated in the digestive tract, and is gentle on the stomach.

L-Arginine is an essential amino acid shown to increase blood flow to the reproductive organs. Nutrient and oxygen rich blood supply is necessary for healthy reproductive function in both men and women. L-Arginine has been shown to encourage cervical mucous production in women, as well.

L Carnitine is an amino acid shown necessary for normal sperm function. L Carnitine helps to normalize sperm motility (forward movement) and is required for sperm to metabolize fats and sugars for energy to reach the awaiting egg.

Royal Jelly is a creamy substance produced by bees and then is fed to the queen bee, which transforms her body so she has the ability to lay over 2,000 eggs per day. Royal Jelly is rich in vitamins, proteins, amino acids, lipids, iron and calcium; making it a fertility superfood. Royal Jelly has been used traditionally to support hormone balance, immune system health and improved nutritional levels necessary for cellular longevity.

Coral Calcium Plus is an excellent source of an alkaline, easily absorbable calcium and naturally occurring trace minerals that are important for bone health and formation, optimal enzyme activity throughout the body, a healthy reproductive system, healthy conception, and a healthy birth and baby.

Vitamin D-3 & K-2 can help you to meet your daily vitamin D3 and K2 needs for optimal fertility health and pregnancy preparation, aiding the body in hormone production and regulating cell growth, while promoting calcium transport, absorption and metabolism for healthy bone growth.

The Trusted Source for Organic & Natural Fertility Products
No matter what kind of reproductive issue you have, there is a Fertilica Formula to support you. Our world class natural fertility product line contains a variety of products designed to improve your fertility and get your body in the best possible condition for achieving and sustaining pregnancy.

Whether you are only thinking about getting pregnant, just starting your journey to conception or have already suffered heartbreaking disappointments, rest assured that you can find Fertilica support for every stage. We want you to be able to give your baby the best start at a healthy life through the most nourishing and naturally supportive line of fertility products available today. It all begins with preconception health.