OvaWise Egg Health Program

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The Natural Power of the Fertilica™ OvaWise Egg Health Program

The Fertilica OvaWise Egg Health Program is designed to support egg (ovum) health in preparation for conception. This program includes scientifically researched and traditionally used nutrients, herbs and superfoods to help support healthy circulation to the reproductive system, protect the body from free-radical damage and promote general egg health.

Benefits of the OvaWise Egg Health Program

  • Provides nutrients that are important during pre-conception*
  • Supplies antioxidants to help support the body's natural ability to fight free radical damage and protect cell integrity*
  • Encourages healthy circulation to the reproductive system*
  • Provides herbs and superfoods traditionally used to support reproductive health and normal ovarian and egg health*
  • Contains Ubiquinol, the most biologically active form of CoQ10

The Fertilica™ OvaWise Egg Health Program is OB/GYN Approved for Quality and Safety

Dr. Kimberly Langdon Cull M.D., OB/GYN - Medical Advisor for Fertilica™, The Natural Fertility Shop and Natural Fertility Info.com

  • Contains scientifically validated ingredients
  • Safe for pre-conception use
  • Ensured for quality and potency
  • GMP Certified Manufacturing
  • Made in the USA
  • Free of Artificial Flavors, Colors, and Preservatives

The OvaWise Egg Health Program Includes:

Fertilica CoQ10 Ubiquinol

The most biologically active form of coenzyme Q10, known as Ubiquinol, has been shown through several studies to improve egg health, while playing a key role in protecting DNA. The body requires Ubiquinol to be replenished regularly to maintain cellular health and proper function. As the body ages, CoQ10 levels decline and the ability of the body to convert ubiquinone to Ubiquinol declines. Ubiquinol supplementation provides a strong first-stage antioxidant effect against cellular oxidative damage; protecting and aiding the body in improving egg health.* A study published in the Journal of Fertility and Sterility showed improved egg quality and egg fertilization rates in older women consuming up to 600mg of CoQ10 daily.

Fertilica Organic Maca
Maca is a nourishing food for the endocrine system, supporting the pituitary, adrenal, and thyroid glands (all involved in hormonal balance.) Maca has the ability to assist the body in maintaining normal hormonal levels in both women and men without containing hormones itself. Maca is beneficial in supporting reproductive health prior to becoming pregnant. This is essential in preparing for conception because healthy hormonal balance contributes to healthier eggs. It can be taken daily all month long and combines well with other herbs and herbal formulas.*

Fertilica Royal Jelly
Royal Jelly is a creamy substance produced by bees which is fed to the queen bee, transforming her into a queen whom will lay over 2,000 eggs per day. Rich in amino acids, lipids, vitamins, and proteins; royal jelly also contains vitamins D and E, and provides iron and calcium. Royal jelly has been used traditionally to support health and longevity. Royal jelly is a nutrient dense superfood which may help to support healthy eggs.*

Fertilica Choice Antioxidants
This blend of antioxidants helps to support egg health as well as protect cell DNA (important for a healthy baby). Antioxidants are necessary to help the body fight the damaging effects of free-radicals on your cells. Free-radicals can cause damage to all of the cells of your body but specifically your ovum (egg) cells as well as the cells in your reproductive system. Antioxidants help the body to stop free-radicals from causing damage and help the cells to repair themselves. Antioxidants work best together, that is why we carry this synergistic antioxidant combination developed by Fertility Herbalist and Nutritionist, Hethir Rodriguez*In a preliminary human trial, Vitamin E (a key ingredient in Choice Antioxidants)significantly increased fertility in previously infertile couples.

Womb Care™ Therapeutic Castor Oil Kit
The Castor Oil Kit contains 1 large bottle of Womb Care™ Therapeutic Castor Oil and a reusable organic flannel cloth (enough for several months of applications) and our Womb Care™ Wrap. A castor oil pack is a flannel cloth soaked in castor oil that is then placed directly on the skin, to encourage circulation and support to the organs and tissues under the area that the castor pack is placed. The castor oil kit should be applied before doing Self Fertility Massage to help soften the tissues and increase circulation to the desired area before the massage techniques are applied. The Womb Care™ Castor Oil Workshop includes complete instructions on how to apply and use the castor oil packs.

Directly after purchase you will gain digital access to the workshop.

Radical Fertility Smoothies: Radical Nourishment For Fertility Health (eBook)
The Radical Fertility™ Smoothies eBook is an engaging exploration of fertility nutrition and Hethir's groundbreaking philosophy of Radical Nourishment. Immerse yourself in the world of fertility-enhancing foods, understand their importance, and learn how to incorporate them into delightful smoothie recipes. Learn how to create nutrient-dense green fertility smoothies that not only taste great but also support your reproductive and hormonal health. This eBook empowers you with the knowledge and skills to take control of your nutrition, offering you a practical and tasty way to enhance your fertility journey.

Directly after purchase you will gain access to download your ebook.

Self Fertility Massage Workshop
Self Fertility Massage was designed by Hethir Rodriguez to help teach women how to apply simple and gentle massage techniques to themselves on a daily basis, in turn helping to support reproductive, fallopian tube, ovarian and uterine health. This video workshop includes step-by-step instructions in these Self Fertility Massage techniques. Self Fertility Massage assists the body to increase circulation which assists the body's natural ability to eliminate excess tissue, encourages normal inflammation response throughout the reproductive system, and help the body to reduce inflammation.

Directly after purchase you will gain digital access to the workshop.

The OvaWise Egg Health Program contains:

  • 1 Bottle of Fertilica Ubiquinol (one month supply)
  • 1 Bottle of Fertilica Choice Antioxidants (one month supply)
  • 1 Bottle of Royal Jelly (one month supply)
  • 1 Bottle of Fertilica Maca (3 month supply)
  • Self Fertility Massage Workshop (online streaming)
  • Womb Care™ Therapeutic Castor Oil
  • Womb Care™ Wrap
  • Fertilica Organic Cotton Flannel
  • Womb Care™ Castor Oil Workshop (online streaming)
  • Radical Smoothies eBook (digital download)

Suggested Use

The OvaWise Egg Health Program includes a 90 day program checklist and digital instructions for use. For best results, use all of the products in the kit as directed for a minimum of 3-6 months in preparation for pregnancy.

Discontinue at first determination of pregnancy and avoid while breastfeeding.

    This program will last approximately 30 days (some products will last longer)

    *Program formally named OvaWise Egg Health Kit.

    Note: All sales of digital products are final. Digital items are not eligible for refunds.

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