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The Natural Fertility Shop was founded in 2007 to help couples around the world realize their dream of becoming parents. Since then we have grown into the largest natural fertility resource and online shop in the world.

With over 1500 pages of natural fertility guides and resources on our information site ( as well a large selection of quality products (, we are focused on our customers having access to the best natural fertility education, empowerment and support.

We started the online shop after we realized many natural fertility products and supplements are hard to find and couples wanted access to all the fertility options available to them.

Here at the Natural Fertility Shop we are 100% focused on helping you during your journey towards parenthood. We have expert staff and knowledgeable customer service here to help you every step of the way. Our products are formulated by herbalist, nutritionist and natural fertility specialist, Hethir Rodriguez.

The Highest Quality Fertility Supplements


Formulated by Natural Fertility Specialist, Hethir Rodriguez

The family of Fertilica Natural Fertility Products are specifically formulated by Natural Fertility Specialist, Hethir Rodriguez. Fertilica products are of superior quality, highest potency and all natural. The Fertilica line works with the body to provide a wide range of benefits, with a key focus on holistic wellness, to help you improve your nutrition, hormone balance, and reproductive health.


Specially Formulated for Fertility Health

Based on both scientific research and traditional use, Fertilica Natural Fertility Products are specially formulated 100% natural whole plant herbal supplements, extracts, oils and fertility specific supplements designed with one thing in mind; improving your reproductive health.


OB/GYN Approved for Preconception Use

Fertilica vitex has been approved for quality and safety by Dr. Kimberly Langdon Cull M.D. OB/GYN - Medical Advisor ofr Fertility & The Natural Fertility Shop.

Organically or 100% Naturally Grown

100% Natural, Whole Herb Formulas

Manufactured in the USA

All of our Fertilica Products are formulated by Natural Fertility Specialist, Hethir Rodriguez and manufactured in GMP Certified Facilities in the United States.