RecoverWell (4oz)

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The Gentle Strength of Fertilica RecoverWell™

RecoverWell is a comforting herbal blend designed to help support the body in recovering from a pregnancy loss. It can be used after a miscarriage to help encourage the body's ability to recover, normalize hormones and ease the soul.

RecoverWell supports you during this time by:

  • Calming the nervous system*
  • Supporting the body as it recovers from pregnancy loss.*
  • Encourages hormonal balance and normalization.*
  • Tonifying and supporting the uterus.*

Not to be used during pregnancy.

Key Ingredients:

Angelica - An excellent warming herb that increases circulation, dispels cold from the reproductive organs, while supporting the nervous system, promoting relaxation, peaceful thoughts, and reducing anxiety.*
Black Cohosh - Aids in regulation of the entire menstrual cycle, aiding the body in getting the cycle back on track post-miscarriage. Wonderful for uterine weakness, where the uterus has lost strength and tone.

St. John's Wort - St. John’s wort may help to reduce nervous excitement and anxiety. It is a mild sedative that helps to relieve mild depression; aids the body in “lifting the spirit”. Also supports prevention of infection and is anti-inflammatory.*

Yarrow - Supports balance in the uterine environment by strengthening and tightening tissues. Aids in regulating normal menstrual flow and relieves pelvic congestion.*

Vitex Berry - Vitex has a regulating effect on the hormonal feedback loop, mainly the pituitary gland. This kind of support may help to get your hormones back on track to regulating the menstrual cycle once again.*

OB/GYN Approved for Quality and Safety

Dr. Kimberly Langdon Cull M.D., OB/GYN - Medical Advisor for Fertilica™, The Natural Fertility Shop and Natural Fertility

  • Contains scientifically validated ingredients
  • Safe for pre-conception use
  • Ensured for quality and potency
  • GMP Certified Manufacturing
  • Made in the USA
  • Free of Artificial Colors, Flavors, and Preservatives
  • Made with Organic Ingredients
  • Gluten free

    Why Choose the Fertilica RecoverWell?

    • Only product available to help one recover from a pregnancy loss.
    • Liquid herbal extracts are instantly absorbed by the body.
    • Formulated with organic ingredients.
    • Formulated by Natural Fertility Specialist, Hethir Rodriguez.
    • Contains NO sugar, salt, dairy, wheat, gluten, soy, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors

    Suggested Use

    As a dietary supplement - Shake well before each use. Take 60 drops 2 times per day in a small amount of water. Not to be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding.
    30 drops = 1ml**
    60 drops = 2ml**
    **This is an approximate measurement to make measuring simpler.

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