Fibro Defense (60 Caps)

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Fibro Defense is a specially formulated blend of premium herbs, mushrooms, sea vegetables and a key enzyme focused in supporting hormonal balance and uterine health, while working to reduce foreign tissue growth.

Fibro Defense targets the source of the problem, helping to reduce excess estrogen that fuels abnormal growths, and stimulating liver activity for improved estrogen metabolism. The herbs in this blend work with your body’s natural detoxification processes to clear congested foreign tissues, while simultaneously helping to prevent new growths from forming.

It supports the body's natural inflammation response, providing relief for occasional discomfort in the reproductive system. Fibro Defense is an excellent way to promote health of uterine tissues.

Pau d’Arco - Antibacterial properties work to prevent infection due to foreign tissue growth.*

Maitake - This mushroom supports proper tissue formation and reduction in foreign tissue growth, while aiding in immune system function.*

Goldenseal - Reduces occasional discomfort and swelling in the reproductive system.*

Dandelion - Aids liver health and digestion for improved hormonal balance.*

Black Cohosh - Aids in menstrual cycle regulation, relaxes the uterus for occasional reproductive discomfort.*

Red Raspberry Leaf - Toning for the uterus, promotes normal menstrual flow.*

Dong Quai - Supportive for menstrual cycle regulation, aid for occasional menstrual irregularities, encourages circulation to the reproductive system.*

Seaweed Blend - A blend of kelp, bladderwrack and watercress, all high in vitamins and minerals for thyroid support.*

Protease - An enzyme which aids the body in its normal ability to dissolve tissues and cleanse the blood.*


Suggested Use
As a dietary supplement take 2 Capsules, 2 times daily for 2-4 months, pausing use during your period.

Discontinue use at first determination of pregnancy, not for use while breastfeeding.



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