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Products which can help to support a healthy pregnancy. Including a prenatal multivitamin, protein supplementation, progesterone cream, essential fatty acids and pregnancy tea.
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UteriCalm (4oz)
Our Price: $59.95

UteriCalm is a liquid herbal blend designed to help calm and relax the uterus. The herbs in this blend have been used for centuries to support uterine health and various stages of pregnancy, UteriCalm can be used all month long in preparation for conception as well as into early pregnancy as a uterine tonic.

Baby & Me Prenatal Mutlivitamin
Baby and Me Multivitamin (120 tabs)
List Price: $45.96
Our Price: $41.39

This complete, 100% whole food multivitamin contains all of the vitamins and minerals necessary for healthy fertility and pregnancy.
  • Supplies important preconception and pregnancy nutrients.
  • Contains folic acid, an important nutrient for early pregnancy.
  • Provides prenatal herbs: Red raspberry lf, ginger & chamomile.

Fertilica Whey Protein
FertiliWhey Protein - Unflavored (30 Servings)
Our Price: $49.95

An easy way to get protein into your daily diet, FertiliWhey Protein tastes great and is easy to add to any fertility smoothie recipe. FertiliWhey Protein Protein powder is full of bio-available, immune supporting protein and amino acids, helping you to fulfill all of your nutritional needs for optimal fertility.
  • Easy way to get additional protein every day.
  • Dissolves quickly, mixes well.
  • 1 scoop provides 16 grams of protein.

Fertilica Cod Liver Oil
Fertilica Cod Liver Oil (100 softgels)
Our Price: $21.95

Fertilica Cod Liver Oil is high in omega-3 essential fatty acids. Omega-3 fats contain two acids that are crucial to good health: DHA and EPA.
  • Supports normal hormonal balance*
  • Supports healthy cervical mucous production.*
  • Promotes regular ovulation.*

Emerita Progesterone
Emerita Progesterone Cream
Our Price: $29.69

Emerita Pro-Gest ia a natural bio-identical progesterone cream that can help to supplement your body's own progesterone levels and support a state of natural balance.
  • Contains 900 mg per two ounce tube (20 mg per 1/4 tsp).
  • 45 applications per 2oz. container

True Whey Protein
True Whey Protein Powder 16oz.
Our Price: $49.99

True Whey protein is among the most valuable kinds of protein supplements available. It contains all of the essential amino acids in biologically significant amounts, it is made from milk that does not contain any synthetic hormones such as rBGH and it is easy to mix and tastes great.
  • Easy way to get enough protein every day
  • Make your fertility smoothie into a meal
  • Supports balanced blood sugar levels*

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea
Our Price: $9.95

Red Raspberry (Rubus idaeus, spp) is one of the most well known and most loved fruits in the world, but in the herbal and midwifery world its leaves are also a dearly treasured herbal remedy for women of childbearing age. Raspberry Leaf is most popular as a tonic for pregnancy and labor, but is it also excellent as a nutritive and tonic in preparation for pregnancy. It is also one of the main herbs that is considered safe in most cases to use during pregnancy in preparation for labor.

Organic Spirulina - Green Superfood 4 oz
Organic Spirulina - 4oz.
Our Price: $17.98

Organic Spirulina is a great way to make sure you are getting your greens on a daily basis. A healthy fertility diet that is rich in whole foods and dark green vegetables builds a strong foundation for fertility and reproductive health.*

One Teaspoon of Organic Spirulina supply’s the body with:
  • An abundance of minerals, vitamins, and enzymes*
  • Antioxidants and chlorophyll, important for overall health and vitality*
  • A complete protein source; contains all necessary amino acids*
  • Rich in essential fatty acids important for hormone regulation*

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