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ThyroFem- Thyroid Gland Support (60 caps)

Support normal thyroid function and health with and herbal & nutritional supplement blend.

  • Encourages thyroid hormone production.*
  • Supplies key nutrients iodine and tyrosine, which are used by the body to manufacture thyroid hormones.*
  • Supports endocrine balance.*

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Adrenal Daily Tonic - 2oz

Adrenal Daily Tonic helps to support the health of the adrenal glands through a synergistic blend of adaptogenic and supportive herbs. Build the long-term health of your adrenal and nervous system through daily adrenal support.

  • Supports adrenal gland health and function, helping you to feel more energy and less burnout
  • Contains adaptogenic herbs to help support and nourish the endocrine, nervous, and immune systems for optimal health and performance
  • Featuring key adrenal supporting herbs, to encourage healthy adrenal glands and sustained daily energy levels
  • Includes a nourishing nervine herb to help to make you feel more relaxed

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Calm Mind Daily Tonic - 2oz

Calm Mind Daily Tonic helps to bring calm to the mind and reduce the intensity of stressful moments. Bring calm and focus from the inside out with this adaptogenic herbal blend.

  • Assists in reducing mild anxiety
  • Helps to strengthen the nervous system
  • Calms an anxious, obsessing or wondering mind

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Organic Fertilica Maca Capsules Fertilica Maca Capsules - Organic 6:1 Concentrate

Used as a food source in the Andes to support stamina, hormonal health, energy and libido, our concentrated maca capsules provide an easy and effective way to use maca daily.

  • Supports normal hormonal balance in both men and women*
  • Encourages a healthy libido in both men and women*
  • Supports normal egg health*
  • Promotes normal sperm health*

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Fertility Maca Powder Maca Powder - Organic 6:1 Concentrate

Add Fertilica Maca powder to your fertility smoothies and recipes! Maca (Lepidium meyenii), a member of the Brassicacea family, is an annual plant that grows in the highlands of Peru has been traditionally used to support stamina, hormonal health, energy and libido.*

  • Supports normal hormonal balance in both men and women.*
  • Encourages a healthy libido in both men and women.*
  • Promotes normal sperm health.*

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Adrenal Strength Adrenal Strength (60Tabs)

Adrenal Strength nourishes and supports healthy adrenal function naturally with 100% whole food nutrients, medicinal mushrooms and a variety of whole herbs.*

  • 100% Whole Food Nutrients.
  • Medicinal mushrooms, astragalus and schisandra help to strengthen adrenals and immune health.*
  • Promotes healthy endocrine function to support adrenal function.*

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