Natural Fertility Consultation with Hethir Rodriguez

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Sessions: Consultation & Custom Program (New Clients)

You are invited to a new, exclusive opportunity to book a one-on-one consultation with Natural Fertility Specialist Hethir Rodriguez.  

Do you want to improve your fertility naturally and create a personalized program that meets your unique needs? This is your chance.

Book a one-on-one consultation with renowned Natural Fertility Specialist, Hethir Rodriguez, and receive expert guidance on your fertility journey.

With over 15 years of dedication and experience since 2007, Hethir Rodriguez has illuminated the lives of hundreds of thousands of women with her natural approach to fertility. Her warmth, depth of knowledge, and personalized attention make every session a deeply nurturing experience. When you consult with Hethir, you’re not just a client – you become part of a legacy of empowered women. 

Please note that these consultations are curated for personal attention. Should your partner wish to have a program created, a separate consultation will need to be booked.

Your Unique 90 Day Program Will Include:

  • Personalized nutrition advice

  • Tailored herbs and supplement suggestions

  • Recommended self-care therapies

  • Strategic lifestyle adjustments

Post-consultation, you'll have an exclusive seven-day email window to connect with Hethir for any further clarifications about your program.


For new clients, the 'Private Consultation and 90-Day Customized Program' can be scheduled for $499.

In a hurry? Secure a 'Rush Service Add-On' for $199 to fast-track your appointment to a date within the next 4 weeks.

For our existing clients, a focused 30-minute follow-up session can be scheduled for $299. Please be aware that a previous private consultation is a prerequisite for this appointment.


Upon securing your Natural Fertility Consultation:

  1. A consultation intake form will be emailed to you, requiring details about your fertility history, current health, diet, challenges, and goals.
  2. Post submission, a link will be provided to schedule your individual consultation with Hethir.
  3. The appointment will span approximately an hour over a phone call.
  4. A seven-day window post-appointment will allow for any follow-up questions about your program.


Important considerations:

  • Cancelations within 24 hours or missed consultations will incur a non-refundable fee. Rescheduling will require an additional consultation fee.
  • All sessions are valid within 60 days of purchase.
  • No refunds or exchanges can be provided.
  • Consultations are currently available for individuals based in the US.

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