Natural Fertility Mapping™ Workshop




Unlock Clarity in Your Fertility Journey with Our Natural Fertility Mapping Workshop!

Are you tired of feeling helpless in your fertility journey? Are you looking for a natural, holistic approach to maximizing your chances of conception? Are you trying to get pregnant and support your fertility but don't know where to start?

Look no further! Natural Fertility Mapping is here to help.

Natural Fertility Specialist, Hethir Rodriguez, will guide you through the process of tracking and understanding your fertility signs, leading to the creation of a personalized natural fertility map.

With your natural fertility map, you'll have a clear understanding of your fertile window and your individual patterns as well as holistic steps you can take to support your fertility based on your personal fertility map.

What Natural Fertility Mapping Can Reveal About Your Fertility...

  • Identify hormonal imbalances and ovulation status
  • Find your peak fertility window each month
  • Evaluate levels of estrogen, progesterone, and thyroid hormones
  • Uncover common fertility issues like short luteal phase, long follicular phase, thyroid imbalances, low progesterone, etc.
  • Get a comprehensive understanding of your menstrual cycle health
  • Identify any reproductive circulation deficiencies
  • And much more!

Having this information empowers you to make informed decisions about your reproductive health and take the necessary steps to reach your fertility goals.

Who This Workshop Is Ideal For...

  • Anyone wondering how to start supporting their fertility
  • Learning if and when you are ovulating and when your most fertile time is
  • Understanding any imbalances that may be keeping your from getting pregnant
  • Clarity on the current state of your reproductive cycle
  • Having the tools to create your own fertility program based on your personal fertility cycle
  • Optimizing your fertility efforts and reducing the time it takes to get pregnant

When You Purchase The Workshop You Get Access To ....

Natural Fertility Maps Workshop Videos: In the workshop videos Hethir will teach you how to monitor and track your bodies cues and signals for reproductive health. These video classes will cover everything you need to know to confidently start fertility mapping.

Natural Fertility Map: Included in your workshop is our Natural Fertility Map pdf so you can start tracking and creating your map right away. You can make unlimited copies of this chart for monthly use. 

Example Maps You Can Compare Your Map with: In the workshop Hethir will also cover each of the common fertility issues and hormonal imbalances  and how they show up on a fertility map so you are able to learn how to read your map and identify any imbalances if they are occurring.  

Fertility Solutions Matrix: Included is Hethir Fertility Solutions Matrix which is a cross reference resource which helps you to easily create a custom fertility health program based on your Natural Fertility Map patterns.  

FAQ and Q&A: Included is also the most common questions we get about Natural Fertility Mapping and a Q&A video covering questions and looking at some additional charts. 

Don't miss this opportunity to gain clarity in your fertility journey. Invest in our Natural Fertility Mapping workshop today and take control of your reproductive health!

Please note this workshop does not include one-to-one Natural Fertility Map interpretations or consultations. This workshop is designed to empower the user to be able to read their own map and create their own fertility plan of action.

Digital products are not eligible for refunds. 


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