Audrey’s Success Story

After conceiving her first child with the help of hormone replacement therapy, Audrey naturally supports her efforts to conceive her second with great success. This is her story.

Name: Audrey

Age: 35 years

Number of years trying to get pregnant?: 6 years

What was your fertility journey prior to finding and the

I have never had regular cycles, so that was always my first concern when I went to the doctor. Their response was always to get on birth control. After already trying birth control and not liking the idea of taking it, I stopped and just accepted I would not be regular. After getting married and wanting to start a family, the irregular cycles become more of a concern as the years passed and we were not getting pregnant! I searched for some new doctors (not knowing about functional doctors using food and herbs as medicine), and they at least tested my hormones and tried to work with my hormone levels, but they did treat me with medicine. Since we wanted children, they ended up giving me a hormone pump that mimicked a woman’s natural cycle and also gave me medication at the same time to help us conceive. We did end up conceiving, which solved that problem, but after having the baby and nursing was done… I still was not cycling.

My hormones were still out of whack! At this point, I started to look for natural ways to heal my body and to get it to function as it was designed to do. I knew it was possible and may take a little work, but I was determined to get my hormones where they needed to be to have cycles. After some research, I came across the Natural Fertility Shop (NFS). I read a lot of the articles from the website, started watching the YouTube videos, and even called into customer service for support. All the resources they had were amazing! Once I had a plan in place on how to get my cycle back, I started taking some herbs — such as Vitex , FertiliCare, and Harmonize.

After I had changed my diet to a fertility diet, I also did the fertility cleanse and that is when I ended up conceiving my son… NATURALLY!!! I was completely shocked and so excited that my dream actually happened and that my body was able to do was it was designed to do through building up a healthy reproductive system through good foods and herbs! I am so thankful for the help of the staff at Natural Fertility Shop (NFS) and the amazing products they offer!