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The Natural Fertility Shop was founded in 2007 to help couples around the world realize their dream of becoming parents. Since then we have grown into the largest natural fertility resource and online shop in the world. With over 700 pages of natural fertility guides and resources on our information site ( as well a large selection of quality products (, we are focused on our customers having access to the best natural fertility education, empowerment and support.

We started the online shop after we realized many natural fertility products and supplements are hard to find and couples wanted access to all the fertility options available to them.

Here at the Natural Fertility Shop we are 100% focused on helping you during your journey towards parenthood. We have expert staff and knowledgeable customer service here to help you every step of the way. Our products are hand selected or formulated by our Natural Fertility Specialists and are of the highest quality available.

Meet Our Team

Hethir Rodriguez
C.H., C.M.T.
Founder & President
Hethir Rodriguez - Founder and President

  • Holistic Healthcare Practitioner since 1997
  • Certified Herbalist since 1999 specializing in women's health and natural fertility.
  • Bachelor's of Science in Holistic Nutrition specializing in preconception nutrition and cleansing.
  • Massage Therapist specializing in Fertility Massage, Fertility acupressure, and reflexology.
  • Certified Birth Doula through DONA
  • A Member of the American Botanical Council, American Herbalist Guild and Plant Savers United.
  • Believer in natural remedies for best results.
  • Person dedicated to seeking and delivering the truth about natural fertility, reproductive health, and the value of conscious conception.

A note from Hethir: I have dedicated my life to helping others improve their health and well-being. My goal with Natural Fertility is to create a source for high quality, research based information, while also keeping it simple and easy to understand. I have seen too many women misinformed that there are no options or solutions to their fertility issue. Improving your fertility and bringing your body into abundant health is simply a matter of consistently doing the most important things for your personal situation. Together I hope we can help make the dream and hope for a beautiful baby a reality for all families. Like life, the path to motherhood is a journey, so let's enjoy every step along the way!

Elizabeth Willett - Senior Herbalist

Elizabeth Willett
Senior Herbalist
Hello everyone! My name is Elizabeth Willett and I am Senior Herbalist for the Natural Fertility Shop. I hold a Master of Arts degree in Holistic Health Studies with a specialization is herbalism from St. Catherine University in St. Paul, MN. I bring with me nine years of study in Eclectic herbalism, years of self-taught wellness knowledge and over fifteen years of customer service experience, in addition to a love of nutrition, gardening, foraging and wild harvesting plants, my two sons and husband, and my three dogs (two Beagles and a Beagle/Border Collie mix who looks just like a Beagle).

I believe in order to be well and heal we need to look at our health from a holistic perspective – with the belief that our health is influenced by the interconnection of our physical body (including our emotions and thoughts), our spiritual beliefs and rituals, cultural identity and practices, the community of which we are a part, and our environment; all of these things working together to lead us to overall health and well-being. I am honored to a part of this team of passionate individuals and it is my commitment to be available to share with you what I know, to answer any questions that I can and to simply be here to listen.

Natalie Martzolf - Shop Manager

Natalie Martzolf
Shop Manager
It is with great excitement that I find myself writing a bio as a part of this dynamic team. I have been working in the natural products industry for 15 years. My humble beginnings were with a small family owned health food store in Columbia, Mo. Fresh out of college I was eager to continue my education outside of the classroom and this was the perfect place to explore my innate desire to learn all I could about alternative therapies. As I look back on my years there I realize how foundational and eye opening the experience really was. Working with customers to trouble shoot their health challenges and seeing results from using natural therapies was the most rewarding aspect of my time there. It ignited a passion and a direction in my life that I had yet to realize.

After over 13 years of service in the natural products sector it was time to change gears. Motherhood was calling and I was finally ready to answer the call. My journey towards motherhood was not an easy road. Faced with a variety of challenges I had come to the point of giving up. I believe that letting go helped to relax my mind, body, and spirit opening me up to conception. Who knew trying to conceive could be so stressful? If only I had known about Self Fertility Massage then!

I believe my past has prepared me for this next journey working with the Natural Fertility Shop. I am excited to continue helping people realize their dreams and goals in a very real and healthy way! I am grateful for the opportunity to serve you.

Anna-Marija Helt - Clinical Herbalist

Anna-Marija Helt
Clinical Herbalist

Marija has been taken over by the herbs! She has been studying herbs and essential oils intensely for the past 5 years, training at the Ohlone Herbal Center in Berkeley, with Kathi Keville in Grass Valley, CA, with Dawn Zaft in Santa Rosa, CA , with Rosemary Gladstar through her distance learning program and at the California School of Herbal Studies for multiple short classes.

Prior to that, she spent nearly 15 years as a research scientist, with a focus on cancer and infectious disease. She received her doctoral degree in microbiology at the University of Washington School of Medicine while studying cancer-promoting mechanisms of human papillomavirus, the primary cause of cervical cancer. Her postdoctoral research on dengue virus was conducted in the School of Public Health at the University of California at Berkeley. She was an infectious diseases trainee at the UW Center for AIDS & STD and an infectious diseases fellow through UC San Francisco Division of Infectious Diseases. Her focus as an herbal practitioner is a low-tech, simple and holistic approach to health that incorporates both traditional herbal knowledge and the latest scientific research.

Sarah Abernathy - Certified Herbalist

Sarah Abernathy
Certified Herbalist

I’m so very excited to become part of the Natural Fertility team! I’ve worked in the field of natural foods and herbalism for over 20 years. I’m a published author, herbalist, and health and wellness consultant. I’m a graduate of Professional Herbal Studies from the East West School of Herbology, and hold a Bachelor’s Degree in English. Working with women on their journey to wellness is my passion! I love to share what I’ve been blessed to learn from naturopaths and other herbalists over the years.

We all need to take a measure of responsibility for our own health. I feel our healing tools are all around us. Further, your body is intelligent and knows what it needs to thrive. Are you listening to what your body is telling you? Your body needs a good lifestyle with quality whole foods, pure water, exercise, and plenty of rest. Herbs, in particular, are healing essences that the body can use to support its natural functions and balance itself. In addition, I never take for granted the mind-body connection, our spiritual well-being and the role of stress in health. Taking care of your mind and body is easier said than done in today’s world.

My own research into natural fertility started nearly ten years ago. Working with many women and experts in the field, I found many fertility problems are improved through lifestyle changes, use of supportive herbs and supplements, and increased education about you and your partner’s fertility status. I’m thrilled to be able to share what I’ve learned and to learn from your stories, too. I am here to support and guide you wherever you may be on your journey.

Sonia Anselmo - Customer Care Specialist

Sonia Anselmo
Customer Care Specialist

Hello! My name is Sonia Anselmo. I am a Customer Care Specialist for the Natural Fertility Shop. I am honored and thankful to be part of such an amazing team! I have been working in the natural products field for over a decade. It all started at a small health food store in Rochester, New York. After growing with the store for eight years, I had the opportunity to move to Southern California and represent supplements in health food stores throughout the state. I have many years of customer service experience and I look forward to assisting you. I am happy and eager to help you on your fertility journey as best I can.

I like to eat healthy food (vegetarian) and enjoy exercising regularly for physical and mental health. I love to spend time with my boy, Francis, especially out in nature. I also like working with my hands; sewing plush creations, sculpting dolls with clay, and tie dye are my current favorite crafts.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. You can contact us here.

Molly McClellan - Customer Care Specialist

Molly McClellan
Customer Care Specialist

I am honored to be one of the the newest members of the Natural Fertility Team. As someone who is passionate about, and is a lifelong learner of herbal therapies, I am excited to be a part of a company that is committed to educating, empowering, and guiding people on their fertility journey.

I bring many years of customer care experience from a myriad of different backgrounds and looks forward to being of assistance to you, and help to guide you on your path to parenthood.

In my spare time, you can find communing with herbs and nature, teaching and performing belly dance, as well as rescuing Boston Terriers.

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