Slow Flow - Menstrual Flow Support (60 caps)
Slow Flow - Menstrual Flow Support (60 caps)
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Slow Flow is an herbal and nutritional supplement blend designed to promote normal, healthy menstrual flow.* This formula contains astringent herbs and nutrients which are to be used on heavy bleeding days. Heavy bleeding is technically defined as having to change protection more than every two hours.

Slow Flow contains herbs and nutrients to help:
  • Slow heavy menstrual bleeding*
  • Promote a normal menstrual flow*

It should already be determined that a woman knows this is just part of her regular menses and that nothing serious is going on to cause the heavy bleeding. For most women, it's something they've been dealing with for a long time and they didn't know there were herbs and nutrients that could help, Slow Flow can be very helpful in this instance. If a heavy blood flow starts (a soaked pad every half an hour) and is not a part of your normal cycle, seek medical attention right away.

Note: This formula is to be used only during heavy bleeding days. Once menstruation is normalized, discontinue use. Slow Flow is suitable for vegetarians and vegans, and is soy free.