Harmonize Phase 1 (2oz)
Harmonize Phase 1
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Harmonize Phase 1 is a liquid herbal formula designed to help support hormonal balance during the first half of the monthly fertility cycle. Part one of the Harmonize Biphasic Program, this herbal blend is formulated to work with your monthly cycle to restore hormonal balance and ovulation.

Harmonize Phase 1 supports the first half of the cycle from menstruation through ovulation (day 14 average). When used in conjunction with Harmonize Phase 2 for the second half of your cycle, Harmonize Phase 1 helps to support:

  • Support normal hormonal balance.*
  • Encourage ovulation.*
  • Promote estrogen metabolism.*
  • Increase circulation to the reproductive system.*
  • Reduce pelvic congestion.*
  • Supports the body in regulating blood sugar.*

Key Botanical Ingredients:

Tribulus - A South American herb traditionally used to help support normal ovulation.*

Vitex - Supports hormonal balance, normal ovulation and balanced progesterone levels.*

Saw Palmetto - May reduce unwanted facial and body hair growth due to hormonal imbalance. *

White Peony - Supports normal progesterone levels, lowers testosterone and balances estrogen. Overall this herb has excellent hormone balancing support.*

Dong Quai - A wonderful reproductive toner which encourages circulation to the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes.*

Gymnema - This herb has a “sugar blocking” action on taste buds and the small intestine. Gymnema blocks the typical paths that sugar molecules take during digestion, delaying the absorption of sugar.*

Licorice - A wonderful herb that helps support normal hormone balance in the body. Licorice root helps to maintain proper hormonal production and release.*

Why Choose the Fertilica Harmonize Program?

  • Receive specific support through your monthly fertility cycle.
  • Liquid herbal extracts are instantly absorbed by the body.
  • Formulated with organic ingredients.
  • The most comprehensive formula for hormone balance support.
  • Formulated by Natural Fertility Specialist, Hethir Rodriguez.
  • Contains NO sugar, salt, dairy, wheat, gluten, soy, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors

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