Egg + Embryo Donation Mind-Body Program
Circle + Bloom Egg + Embryo Donation Mind-Body Program
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Harness your ability to communicate with your body - by doing this you are facilitating a mind-body connection that is innate and powerful!

Circle + Bloom's Egg + Embryo Donation Mind-Body Program is an effective tool to help you take an active role in reducing the anxiety and stress associated with choosing to seek a donor egg or embryo.

This special program is specifically designed for couples who will be receiving a donated egg or embryo. Do everything you can to best prepare your body and mind for this very important step in your fertility journey! Remove stress, reduce fear, and leverage the very important mind-body connection during every single aspect of the procedure.

Egg + Embryo Donation program benefits include:
  • Specific visualization for all steps in the donor embryo or egg protocol; 11 cycle-specific sessions (lasting 13-18 minutes) starting with the suppression or pre-cycle sessions, followed by the estrogen phase, the embryo transfer procedure and the post-transfer two week wait with a focus on implantation, healthy progesterone levels and acceptance of the embryo.
  • Each session includes deep relaxation, therapeutic visualizations (mind-body) and emotional awareness exercises designed to easily fit into your schedule and can be listened to either daily or every other day.
Circle + Bloom programs are based on medical and scientific research proving the negative effects stress has on fertility. They encompass a proven method, called Guided Imagery, to create a mind-body connection that can bring about real physical change within the body.

Guided visualization is a relaxation technique that studies have proven helps:
  • The brain release chemicals throughout the body to lower blood pressure and heart rate
  • Reduce stress, anxiety and depression
  • Alter menstrual cycles and relieve symptoms of premenstrual syndrome
  • Boost immunity
  • Ease pain and improve postoperative medical and psychological outcomes
Creator of Circle + Bloom Joanne Verkuilen shares, ‘Our body has an intelligence that we no longer should take for granted. As Dr. Bernie Siegel states, “visualization is a key component of the mind-body tool-kit we can all employ.”’

This product is a digital audio program. Once you purchase a program you will be directed to your Circle+Bloom portal to create an account and gain instant access to the online playlist for your program. Having this playlist in your account with Circle+Bloom means you can stream and listen to the programs from anywhere online, or download it to your phone or computer. You will have unlimited access to your program for as long as you need.

Circle+Bloom also offers a program for the woman who will be your donor as well – click here to learn more!

Read What Clients Have to Say About the Egg + Embryo Donation Mind-Body Program:

I am using the Circle + Bloom program for the donor recipient and am having profound results in terms of my energy level, my mood, my sense of optimism, my groundness, my ability to be present with this process instead of frantically worrying about the past and future and, most importantly for me, my capacity to truly quiet my central nervous system. I am a yoga teacher and have done a great deal of mind/body work over the course of my life, and this program is OUTSTANDING!” ~ Jenn

I bought the recipient program and the one for my donor. I was her support person, and I loved going through all of it with her. I believed in the quality of her eggs, but had no faith in my own body to do its part. I listened to the program religiously, and it calmed my mind tremendously. I’m someone who thrives on being in control of her environment- this was scary territory! The day I picked up the results letter, I had been having an internal conversation all day trying to prepare for the negative outcome. When I read the words “Julie, today you have a positive pregnancy test…” I literally exploded in tears, laughter, and screams. It was unreal! I drove to the supermarket to buy a pee stick- haha, for once I’d see two lines!!! I peed on a stick every week for the first three months of my pregnancy. I couldn’t believe I was pregnant. I still have to pinch myself to believe I am finally someone’s mama. It’s been such a hard journey, but so amazing. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that without these programs to bring balance and harmony into my being, it wouldn’t have happened for me.” ~ Julie