Our Top 10 Most Popular Products...

If you have ever wondered what our most popular products are, you have come to the right place! Below you can learn more about our top 10 most popular products...

1. Fertility Cleanse Kit
The Fertility Cleanse Kit is our most popular product and for good reason, it is an effective and important tool to help prepare the body for pregnancy by focusing on hormone balance and uterine health. We like to think of Fertility Cleansing as a way to “clean house” prior to pregnancy. Daily we are exposed to all kinds of environmental toxins. We want you to have the healthiest pregnancy possible, and fertility cleansing prior to pregnancy is a great first step to giving your future children a healthy start at life.

2. Fertilica Vitex Caps
Vitex, also known as Chaste Tree Berry is one of the most popular and beneficial herbs for female fertility and menstrual health. Our Fertilica Vitex caps contain 100% organic whole vitex berries. The whole berry provides the full spectrum of beneficial vitex compounds shown to support healthy female fertility. Vitex has been traditionally used to help encourage a normal, regular menstrual cycle by aiding and supporting the pituitary gland, targeting hormone balance.

3. FertiliGreens - Superfood Nutrition
An important part of daily fertility nutrition is eating a variety of dark leafy green foods. FertiliGreens is an easy way to make sure you are getting a wide variety of green foods in your daily fertility diet. Just two teaspoons of FertiliGreens supplies the body with an abundance of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants and more. FertiliGreens is also a rich source of fiber, which is important for normal estrogen metabolism. You can easily mix FertiliGreens in smoothies or fresh juices.

4. Fertilica Choice Antioxidants
Our bodies require a variety of antioxidants to protect us from free radicals known to compromise cellular health. Providing the body with a specific blend of antioxidants shown to work together to fight free radical damage helps to protect cellular health, including that of the egg (ovum), sperm and the DNA within. Fertilica Choice Antioxidants is a smart way to not only improve fertility healthy, but to promote fertility longevity.

5. Fertilica Royal Jelly Caps
Royal jelly is a creamy substance produced by bees which is fed to the queen bee, transforming her into a queen whom will lay over 2,000 eggs per day. Royal jelly has been used traditionally to support health, hormone balance and longevity. Royal jelly is a rich source of amino acids, lipids, vitamins, and proteins to nourish the body and aid normal endocrine function, the key to healthy hormone balance. Fertilica Royal Jelly has been freeze-dried to maintain the maximum stability of this nutrient rich superfood.

6. Fertilica CoQ10 Ubiquinol
Ubiquinol is the most biologically active form of the powerful antioxidant CoQ10. Several studies have shown ubiquinol to improve both egg and sperm health, while playing a key role in protecting DNA at a cellular level. Regular Ubiquinol supplementation helps replenish and maintain cellular health. As we age, CoQ10 levels decline and our body’s ability to convert ubiquinone to ubiquinol declines, so does cellular health. Our Fertilica CoQ10 Ubiquinol is made with advanced softgel stabilization technology to protect it from oxidation, providing high-quality ubiquinol to be readily absorbed in the intestinal tract. Ubiquinol supplementation provides a strong first-stage antioxidant effect against cellular oxidative damage.

7. Fertile Woman One Daily - Whole Food Multivitamin
Did you know that taking the time to improve your health prior to conception is just as important as focusing on the health of your pregnancy? The body requires a variety of key nutrients for optimal fertility and to help ensure the health of the developing fetus just prior to actual confirmation of pregnancy. The first two weeks of pregnancy, typically called “the two week wait” is a critical time for the development of your baby, when cell division is rapid. Taking a preconception whole food multivitamin that targets key areas of fertility is a great way to prepare for conception.

Fertile Woman One Daily is a whole food multivitamin; which means it is made completely from whole foods and is organic, providing the body with the highest absorption, utilization, and bioavailability. Each Fertile Woman One Daily tablet contains nutrients, herbs and foods that are important to preconception care and women’s health.

8. Fertilica Maca Caps - Organic 6:1 Concentrate
Quickly moving up to number eight is our organic Fertilica Maca Caps and for good reason, it is organic and concentrated, making it easily digested and utilized by the body. Maca is a nourishing food for the endocrine system, supporting the pituitary, adrenal, and thyroid glands (all involved in hormonal balance). Maca has the ability to assist the body in maintaining normal hormonal levels in both women and men without containing hormones itself. Maca is beneficial in supporting reproductive health prior to becoming pregnant. It can be taken daily all month long and combines well with other herbs and herbal formulas.

9. Self Fertility Massage Video
No other physical therapy is as focused on female reproductive organ health as this at-home massage program is. Self Fertility Massage is a great way to literally take your fertility health into your own hands. The Self Fertility Massage DVD (also available as an instant download) is a series of massage techniques that are used to help support reproductive health, the menstrual cycle, and your fertility. This natural fertility therapy was created by Certified Massage Therapist and Fertility Expert, Hethir Rodriguez, to help women apply fertility massage techniques for themselves. Self Fertility Massage is a very effective and low cost way to boost your fertility naturally and help reduce the effects of fertility issues on your body.

10. Fertilica Natural Progesterone Cream
The luteal phase of a woman’s menstrual cycle is a very important time when trying to conceive. It is the time when progesterone levels should be most abundant, working to ripen the uterine lining in preparation for implantation. Adequate progesterone levels also help to balance other hormone levels in the body. Our Fertilica Natural Progesterone Cream is a natural bio-identical progesterone cream, which helps to supplement your body’s own progesterone levels to support a state of natural balance. Fertilica Natural Progesterone features a dispensing pump for accurate application. Progesterone cream supplementation helps to maintain a normal lining of the uterus and hormone balance.

If you aren’t quite sure if one of the above products is a good choice for your fertility health, you can learn more by reviewing our comprehensive Fertility Supplements Guide or by contacting our friendly customer care representatives.