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"I really appreciate your taking out time to respond to my enquiry, I really found the contents useful and enlightening"

"My reply was quicker than I expected and both of my questions were answered. And, included in the reply was a link to a video which was helpful. Thank you!"

"Polite and show genuine interest in customers. You are customer focused, keep it up."

"very wonderful and useful advices- easy to communicate with always on time with responses excellent"

"You were of great help and explained everything to my satisfaction .That is really a wonderful job and l would refer you to any one for any help in regard to N.F. Products! Thank you."

"sonia did a great job of taking care of my package issues, she was very sincere."

"Very helpful and friendly. Made a nice change from an automated response from other companies! Thank you."

"Elizabeth took the time to point me to information relevant to my situation and recognized my need for a reply that was economical in nature as I wish to use herbs, but I have limited finances."

"The team at natural fertility info is absolutely wonderful, knowledgeable and always helpful! I refer many people to your web site and highly recommend your products to other people."

"I am highly impressed by your advice. Was wonderful to hear from you so soon. Thank you for being so comitted to helping us."

"Sonia was very helpful I'm glad I was able to reach her!"

"Elizabeth has responded promptly and answered all of my questions thoroughly! I am excited to begin my program in the near future and look forward to a consultation as well! As I have stated before, I wish I would have known this earlier. Better late than never!"

"Excellent turn-around. Very informative, and took me seriously, and seemed to be genuinely concerned about my issue. I am happy with my reply. Thank you!"

"Elizabeth was very responsive, compassionate and very knowledgeable. She exhibited extreme professionalism - and followed with me to ensure my issue was resolved. She is awesome!!! Thanks"

"Very impressed with your service u were very helpful and you respond to every email.thank you once again"

"The delivery is very fast, and arrive in good condition. And the customer service was really helpful in answering my questions before I made the purchase."
- Jennifer

"Delivery was prompt and the customer service was outstanding!"

"There was a mishap and the company was very good in reaching out and rectifying the situation. I was def. pleased with the speedy response."
- Nordia

"delivery was very fast."
- Sonia, UK

"The response was speedy and informative. The information, both in the reply and on the website is always very clear. The work the team does at natural fertility is excellent! Many many thanks."

"Liz is very thorough in answering my questions & seems genuinly happy to help you. She has been very helpful to me & very informative explaining why with the questions that I had which were a lot. I will definitely be ordering from your company in the next few weeks. I just had surgery & came back to work yesterday & have to get caught back up with things first. I plan on getting several products & continue to use them as long as needed. Will definately recommend you to friends, family, & my clients. Thankyou so much! I usually don't do reviews, in fact I never have, but Liz was so helpful, I felt I needed to. Thank you. Your company has given me the hope I needed to hopefully, eventually be able to conceive on our own. Thank you and have a wonderful weekend to all of you!"

"Delivery was very quick and it was in good condition when it came."
- Sam

"Sonia was absolutely wonderful to work with and answered all of my questions big and small with clarity and compassion. Thank you."

"Thank you very much for your help one feels like really we are not alone there are people who really care I did some researches and everything was just money even the information you guys are giving us right now its money to some but your group you really care thank you Hethir "

"Natural fertility is very helpful website when ever I need to ask any question they just give every possible solution to any problem. Just want to say thank you for your every suggestion . You are awesome "

"Thanks for all your help! Not only did you tell what product to use, but you gave me great advice on how to live and eat more healthy. This has been the best advice I have been given in years. God bless you greatly"

"Very happy that there is someone there on hand that knows what they are talking about and to help make my mind rest. Thankyou"

"Sonia was so helpful on the chat and I really appreciate her follow up email.. All of the information she provided has been very helpful. Thank you so much!"

"The packages always arrived in excellent condition. At first I was worried because the bottles are glass, but they were wrapped with such care! "
-Star H

"Thank you for such a quick reply! It being the Labor Day weekend I didn't expect to hear from someone until Tuesday. I'm so happy I got a response Saturday so I didn't delay my program."

"Customer service is great and products are shipped on time and quickly."
-C.P., Ontario, Canada

"I am a healthcare professional (RN) and have been for over 20 years. We had one day of class learning related to nutrition, so this is a topic where I must rely on others for support. Liz has responded to all of my questions very thoroughly and thoughtfully! I did not expect that I would be receiving such complete answers, along with smart suggestions. Your company is very fortunate to have such an ambitious and intelligent woman on board ...and I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to correspond with her. Had your rating scale been 1-10 (ten being the best) I would have given her a "20" Thank you for having the foresight to hire this incredible woman, she's educated me in such a thoughtful way."
-L. Bailey

"International shipping and delivery was very quick."
-Nat, Paris, France

"I just discovered thus website and as many women up there I have questions that needed response so I wrote the team and they replied the very next day. The response was nice and clear just what you want in these cases. Thanks a lot for creating the site and for helping women like me!"

"Reply was very professional and exactly what I needed. Your website in a phrase "simply rocks"

"I was amazed at how fast the product arrived. It was packaged properly and not damaged."

"very percise, compassionate, factual correspondance every time"

"Very fast delivery to overseas I received the fertility pack within a week thank you"
-- JoJo, Australia

"Thank you for all your help in my fertility journey! I feel so lucky:)"

"This site is the best thing that has happened to me . Its quite inspirational and gives hope to the childless who have tried conventional medication with no success. Excellent"

"Delivery prompt. Service, yes, helpful, and very grateful to the staff."
-Ms. Law

'it is very useful information to know the exact time of ovulation."
-S. Bhurat

"Just wanted to thank you for this website. Usually I've found that holistic websites can easy fall into getting kooky and weird with their methods. I appreciate that you just state in a medical matter of fact manner what herbs will help with certain conditions. I live in a smaller rural area where holistic doctors are hard to find and many don't take natural medicine seriously. Also there are those in our local herb shops who act more like witch doctors than medical professionals and I have a hard time trusting their judgement. Very balanced help. Thanks again!"

"Hi Hethir! I just wanted to say how truly grateful I am to you and your amazing team for providing such well researched information and help regarding this rather sensitive issue (fertility). For me personally, is truly an eye opener and I only wished I had found out about your website ages ago. I also love reading the newsletters. I haven't purchased my fertility products yet, but I have taken the first step in achieving a healthy reproductive system by eating foods as recommended in the fertility diet. Wow! What can I say , I am just overwhelmed by you and your team's commitment towards helping others regarding this sensitive subject. Thank you so much and may God bless you and your amazing team."

"Delivery was prompt and efficient. I received this within days of ordering and I am located outside the US."
- Sherry-Ann

"I live in canada and got my product in one week."
- Joy

"The response was personal and positive. I really appreciated the honesty. Thanks for cheering me on!"

"Thank you very much for your reply. Your website is so helpful. I felt, just by reading what you have to offer I was on the right track. Your response clarified that. I look forward to trying your treatments."

"You have been very good, kind, helpful and prompt in answering to all my queries through the emails... I will be grateful for all the support that you have shown towards me and understanding my concerns and guiding me accordingly. I am still working out a plan and will do things as advised by you. God Bless you and your team for all the support and advice you provide to millions of people around the globe. Keep up the good work."

"Your reply was prompt and friendly, and I appreciated the helpful links back to appropriate information and products."

"I find these practitioners more knowledgeable than the gynecologist!"
-D. Rosenberg clinical herbalist London

"Great customer service! I got a reply within a few hours with very detailed information!! Really went above and beyond"
-N Rosa

"Deliver was as expected and I only used the customer service to ask the question, if there was a general number of days after starting the uterus cleanse phase that I should expect to start my period. They were very prompt in responding via email and answered my question. And anyone else wondering the same, the answer is no. You just have to be patient and continue to track your signs!"
-Elizabeth, Texas

"I am so happy with all the information provided for me. I am also excited about trying the products. It is hard to find people that understand the struggle woman go through physically."
-K. Coronel

"Natalie was very helpful and compassionate. She resolved my issue and I was completely satisfied with the way she handled the situation."
-L. Huston

"Sonia`s reply was prompt, friendly, professional and had all the information needed. Keep it up."

"Liz is always very detailed in her explanation. It shows that she of course knows what she is doing and happy doing it. It also makes me feel relaxed that I am getting a knowledgeable advice to help me make an informed decision. Thank you Liz."

"Excellent reply! Very prompt. Written in an affable manner. Answered all my questions. Made me feel I could ask another question if the need arose."

"Thanks enormously for your quick and excellent customer service immediate response to my urgent questions. you are the best."

"I must say a very big thanks to Liz Willett for her time and commitment towards answering my questions to the best of her knowledge. You are a star. Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!! I sincerely cannot thank you enough....."

"Liz and Sonia answered all my questions with great care. Thank you so much. 5 stars!! :)"

"I love the fact that I had a quick response... You all are awesome"

"Many thanks for all your help and very prompt replies. Much appreciated Liz, Fingers crossed this does the trick!"
-Kind regards M. Berry

"Thank you for answering my questions. Your response is helpful and really helps to ease my worries."
-an du

"The conversation was very helpful , it boost my interest on the product. Thank very much Liz for calling me back."

"Liz has been a great help to me for the past six months. My body has started behaving better once I followed her advice and am so happy and excited that I am right now seven weeks pregnant. Thanks Liz!"
-S. Matthew

"Thank you so much for the response. It was a great response and you replied in a timely manner!! You're greatly appreciated!!!"
- divababy

"Thank you so very much for the incredibly fast reply. The link you sent me for the article about recovery after miscarriage is exactly what I needed - and more! It was great to have the answers to many questions I had at such a challenging time."

"Wow!!!!!! Quick response!!!! Great advice!!!! I give you a 10+!!!!"
- Marie

"You guys are so honest. Rare to find. You're unique."
- Janet

"Thank you so much for your prompt response! I really appreciate it. Your website is an amazing source of information for women. I've learned a lot and will incorporate and be more mindful about things related to my diet and exercise routine. I'll forward your site to my family and friends as well. Thank you kindly,"
- Sharmeen

"Hethir and her gang are prompt at getting back to you, and that tells me that they care and are doing this because they have a passion for it. I am incredible grateful to you guys always."

"I had trouble downloading the self fertility massage dvd because I failed to create an account first. This was on a Sunday when they were closed so I emailed customer service. They were very helpful & very quick to assist me. Fabulous customer service!"
-Tonya H.

"You guys are awesome! Thanks for the encouragement, knowledge and support."

"Liz Willet did a great job clarifying things for me in regards to the products."

"Very helpful and put me on the right path!!"

"I am so delighted for these information you have given me. Now I know what to eat and the type of excercises I should be doing. But some of those herbs you mentioned are not in my locality (Enugu State, Nigeria). Thanks and more blessings."

"Wow! I am really impressed with the quality of your products. Your website and order process is user friendly. I ordered a product off your site and I am amazed with the very fast shipping and excellent service... "
- Molly

"I just had to share my positive experience with Natural Fertility Shop and their customer care team. With so many vitamins out there it's hard knowing which ones you should take and for what purposes... So, I decided to email customer care and inquire with them. I mentioned the array of supplements/herbs that I was interested in taking and within 1 hour, I got a very detailed response with what to do. I couldn't appreciate the efforts more! I'm pretty sure the email came with a smile too :) I will definitely keep coming back to Natural Fertility Shop - until I reach my goal and conceive my 1st child. Thank you!!!"
- Melissa

I just wanted to update everyone at Natural Fertility Shop to let you know that.. I am now 6 weeks pregnant and feel fantastic! Thank you so much for your wonderful products and ongoing support…it really made the difference!
- Erin, OH

"I love your site, have enjoyed the products, and was extremely satisfied with my recent customer service interaction. I emailed the general 'help' email on April 10th and received a prompt and personal email response, making a much appreciated exception to my return request. Thank you to Liz Willett and Natural Fertility Shop. I can't tell you how impressed I am with the high quality service. I'll certainly return and will spread the great reviews!"
- Leah

Thank you so much for all of the informative emails and also the “one-stop” shopping ease! Many of the items you carry were those recommended to me by my naturopath, but she did not carry them!
- Wendy

Just wanted to thank you for having great people like Liz Willet. She has been so prompt in her responses and always wanting to help and support.
She is just AWESOME.
- Sampa

I want to say a big thank you to the team as the information on the site is fab and especially Liz who is always ready to answer every question I sent to her. I used to have headache before my period but since I use the fertility cleanse it has all stopped. Am excited about it because it has definitely worked.
- Cathy

Thank you so much for your help! I am already impressed with your service and I am certain I will be equally impressed with the products.
- NY, New York

Dear Hethir, I am pleased to let you know that my order has arrived and I am so excited to start. I started this morning with the fertility smoothie with maca, hemp powder with yogurt, vanilla and agave nectar. It was so delicious and my husband also liked it, so we began the day on a happy note. But thanks again for your site and for all the information on it and the one you keep sending me. I totally appreciate what you are doing for all women out there. A big thank you to you and your team. I must say the package arrived here so much sooner than we anticipated, so I say it's sign from God that everything is going to work out so fine for us. And also thank you for teaching us how to eat well.
Thanks a lot and I can't wait to hear from you again,

…I want to tell you that I am very pleased with the quality of your products,your customer service and speed of delivery… Many thanks for your info and newsletters I receive from time to time, but most of all for your help and interest!
Sincerely, Evi

Very efficient and helpful communication with online customer service. I was very impressed by the service I received.

I am stunned by how quickly I received this product! I ordered it on a thursday and received it on saturday in perfect condition!
-Breezy, Morrison, IL

Service was great. -Anu, Vernon, CT

I'm really impressed with this company. They offer thorough information and I really appreciated the live chat where they answered all my questions.
A -Pittsburgh, PA

My delivery came on the day I expected it. The box was in perfect condition.
-Mica, Ft. Worth, TX

Product was delivered promptly and in perfect condition...Fertile Women's One daily is by far the best. I would love to see it in health food stores.

If I haven't said so please allow me to congratulate the entire family at natural fertility ... You guys and the work and info you give are beyond awesome.

I love this product [Royal Jelly]. It is good for so many things. I just wanted to let others know that I have ordered this product from them before and I always receive it within a few days and no issues, but this last time I received it and one or more capsules had burst inside the bottle and all the other capsules were oily and hot. Well I sent them a message about it and they immediately and without hesitation sent me a new bottle. I am very please with their customer service. They replied promptly and were very professional and friendly.

- J.

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