Natural Therapies for Ovarian Cysts

Have you ever experienced the pain and discomfort of an ovarian cyst? Are you worried that your inability to get pregnant is being caused by an ovarian cyst? Ovarian cysts are rather common among women. Most women experience at least one in their reproductive lifetime; others suffer with repeated cysts over the course of months or years. While most cysts are harmless, simply causing lower abdominal pain, sometimes they can create fertility problems.

Cysts are generally formed when the follicles do not properly release an egg for fertilization and it becomes ledged, creating a cyst. These cysts can break apart on their own, or they can continue to grow over a period of time, becoming more and more painful.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to help dissolve these cysts naturally. Offering no invasive procedures these natural remedies are preferred over other treatments and for good reason. They help the body to:

Reduce Estrogen Levels

High estrogen levels are a main reasons why women (and men too) have an imbalance of hormones that negatively affects their fertility. When a woman’s estrogen is too high, she may fail to ovulate – this can set her up for ovarian cysts. So, what causes estrogen levels to rise? It is usually due to exposure to xenohormones. Some of the easiest ways to lower your xenohormone exposure is to:

  • Take a DIM supplement
  • Stop eating non-organic meats, produce and dairy
  • Avoid soy products
  • Stop heating foods in plastic containers in the microwave
  • Avoid using paraben-laden skin care products

Increase Progesterone

The right amount of progesterone in the body is necessary to help better balance female hormones. A healthy endocrine system that encourages regular ovulation needs correct progesterone levels. Keeping hormones balanced is a great way to keep ovarian cysts form developing in the first place. Natural Progesterone cream and Maca are both natural supplements that help to increase progesterone levels.

Dissolve and Reduce Cysts

Whether you want to reduce the size of an ovarian cysts; break them down completely or prevent them in the first place, try one of these very efficient remedies:

  • Zymessence -- a great herb that can actually eat away at tissues within the body that do not belong there, including ovarian cysts. Easy to use and virtually side-effect free, Zymessence should also be taken with a DIM supplement if the cysts are very large or there are numerous cysts found in the ovary.
  • Castor Oil Packs – an ancient remedy that can help clear congestion from the body, castor oil packs have been used for centuries to deal with all sorts of fertility problems including ovarian cysts and endometriosis. The treatment requires soaking a flannel cloth in castor oil, then placing it on the lower abdomen along with a heat source (a hot water bottle or heating pad) for about an hour several times a week. It is said to clear out congestions in the reproductive system.
  • OvarianWise Fertility Kit – a kit of natural herbs designed to dissolve and treat ovarian cysts, the Ovarianwise Fertility Kit is a program that has shown great results in both preventing and reducing cysts. The kit includes DIM, Zymesence, Progesterone Cream, Castor Oil pack, and Maca.