Castor Oil Packs to Help Increase Women's Fertility...

Looking for a safe and effective (and more natural remedy) to help boost your chances of conception? Many women have turned to history help in order to find better ways to treat their infertility.

One all-natural method that many women are turning to is the old-fashioned method of using castor oil packs to help boost their fertility. Used for hundreds of years by naturopaths and homeopaths, castor oil packs can be very effective in helping all sorts of fertility issues caused by congestion, poor circulation and toxin accumulation.

Castor oil has long been touted as offering a myriad of medical helps, including aiding fertility in women. While castor oil may be used internally as a remedy for some health complaints, it is only used externally when dealing with fertility issues.

Used to help heal tissues underneath the skin and increase circulation and blood flow to the area, castor oil packs are an easy and effective way to help:

  • Support ovarian and uterine health*
  • Promote normal fallopian tube health*
  • Support healthy endometrial growth*
  • Ocasional PMS*
  • Support the body's natural ability to detoxify*
  • A natural way to prepare for conception*
One note of caution here: only use castor oil packs between ovulation and the start of your period. Should you suspect that you are indeed pregnant, discontinue use immediately.

Simple and easy to use, castor oil packs for the lower abdomen can be made with these basic supplies:

  1. Plastic food wrap
  2. Wool or flannel cloth (use only those void of dyes)
  3. A Heating pad or hot water bottle
  4. Comfortable Towel

Now to make a basic castor oil abdomen pack, follow these steps:

Step # 1: Warm the castor oil to room (or skin) temperature

Step # 2: Soak the cloth (wool or flannel) in the oil until it is fully saturated

Step # 3 Fold the cloth several times until it is at a comfortable thickness

Step # 4: Lie flat on your back on the bed, floor or couch

Step # 5: Place the folded cloth on your lower abdomen

Step # 6: Cover the wet cloth with plastic wrap

Step # 7: Place a heating pad or hot water bottle on top of the plastic covered cloth

Step # 8: Lean back and relax for 30-90 minutes.

Apply these packs for several consecutive days each week or every other day for several weeks. How often you repeat the process is up to you and the time you have available.

Within a few weeks, the castor oil packs should begin to increase circulation to your ovaries and uterus, helping to clear out congestion in the reproductive tract. Women who suffer from fallopian tube blockages and/or endometriosis may have to apply these fertility supporting packs to their abdomen for several months to experience their true benefits.

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