Using Evening Primrose Oil For Fertility

Evening Primrose is a small yellow colored flowering plant native to North America (although it is sometimes grown in parts of the Southern Hemisphere and Europe). Evening Primrose Oil has been used successfully for decades to help boost fertility in women. Containing high levels of the Omega 6 essential fatty acid, gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), an essential fatty acid that the body uses for growth and development, evening primrose oil may help boost fertility efforts by strengthening the placenta, helping to increase cervical mucous and increase the uterine lining which is the nurturing environment a fertilized egg needs to implant and grow.

GLA is also commonly used to alleviate inflammation that could be blocking both egg and sperm, which could inhibit a pregnancy. Recent studies also indicate that GLA is good at reducing inflammation throughout the entire body, including the reproductive system where inflammation can cause blockages (endometriosis for example) and other infertility concerns. This is due to its ability to convert the GLA found in the plant oil to prostaglandins, hormone-like compounds that help to reduce inflammation.

Used to beat PMS symptoms for decades, evening primrose has only recently been touted as a good fertility aid in the Untied States; although Europeans have been using it for years to treat all types of infertility issues. What is ironic though is that evening primrose was first used in the United States by the Native Americans, who showed the early explorers of its wonderful anti-inflammatory abilities, who took it back to Europe where it was soon nicknamed “The King’s Cure-All.” European doctors have continued to use the plant oil for healing ever since.

Some other great benefits of using evening primrose oil to boost fertility are its ability to help increase cervical mucus and strengthen uterine function. It has been successfully used to help prepare the placenta for pregnancy and prolong the life of a sperm within the reproductive system. Together, all of the benefits can make conception easier – and faster. One note of caution here though: being a uterine contractor, evening primrose oil can cause the uterus to contract, which could be dangerous to a growing fetus and induce a miscarriage, especially in the first few weeks of a pregnancy. That is why many women take evening primrose oil through ovulation and then discontinue using it again until they get their next period just to be sure that they are not pregnant. Most herbalists recommend that you take evening primrose oil with food.

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