The Benefits of Using Dong Quai for Fertility

Having trouble getting pregnant? There are a lot of reasons that could be causing your inability to conceive. Here are just a few:

    * Irregular Menstrual Cycles
    * Delayed or absent menstruation
    * Short periods with cramping
    * Severe PMS Symptoms
    * Light or slow starting menstruation
    * Stagnant conditions

So, how do you fight the effects of these conditions and increase your chances of conceiving? Try Dong Quai, a potent fertility herb used since ancient times to strengthen the uterus, rebalance the menstrual cycle and improve hormone production and properly timed release. Considered one of the most powerful uterine tonic aides available in nature, Dong Quai is best known for its ability to increase blood flow to the uterus and increase red blood cell production throughout the body.

Many women suffering with endometriosis, PCOS, ovarian cysts and fibroids have found relief from their fertility problems by using Dong Quai thanks to its ability to clear congestion by increasing healthy blood flow to the entire pelvic region.

Dong Quai is also great at treating blood disorders like anemia and iron deficiency by promoting increased red blood cell promotion which can fortify the blood and alleviate many deficiencies within the bloodstream.

Although considered safe for most healthy users, there are some people who should take care when using Dong Quai. Since Dong Quai does promote increased menstrual flow to help clear blockages and stagnates within the uterus, it is not recommended for use during your menstrual flow or if you suspect you are pregnant. Women using coagulants or aspirin therapy are advised to consult their physician before taking Dong Quai on a regular basis.

Despite warnings for some women, Dong Quai is usually considered safe and can be a very potent fertility herb for those who suffer with missed, scanty or abnormal periods and thus do not ovulate on a regular basis.