Sperm Safe Lubricants
By Hethir Rodriguez MH, CMT

When you are trying to get pregnant, you need a lubricant that can:
  • Tackle vaginal dryness 
  • Enhance arousal and intercourse
  • Support cervical mucous
  • Encourage the sperm on their journey

Without being hostile to your partner’s sperm!

Let’s face it; every woman experiences at least some vaginal dryness from time to time. Unfortunately, when you are trying to get pregnant, that can be a real mood-buster. In addition cervical mucous is a must in order for the sperm to swim to the egg.

Under normal circumstances, you would likely use a lubricant to help -- but not when you are trying to get pregnant! Most lubricants sold on store shelves are real sperm killers!

Want to add some natural moisture to your vaginal area and increase your cervical mucous without risking sperm damage? Try Pre-Seed, a fertility friendly lubricant that offers intimate moisture without being hostile to your partner’s sperm.

Other lubricants can create a barrier that interferes with sperm swimming out of the semen. 

Whereas, the live swimming sperm are able to move freely from the semen into Pre~Seed.

Made to imitate natural cervical mucus, Pre-Seed is not only sperm friendly, it actually works much in the same way natural cervical fluids do to guide the sperm on its journey. While most lubricants bar sperm from swimming out of the semen, Pre-Seed actually encourages it.

Offering the same pH, moility and viscosity levels as your own body’s cervical mucus, Pre-Seed actually enhances your ability to conceive, rather than diminishing it. Fact: Pre-Seed is the only vaginal lubricant on the market that has the authority to say it can be used while trying to conceive!

Give your body the lubrication it needs.

Give your partner’s sperm the inviting environment it needs to make it to its destination unharmed.

Use Pre-Seed lubrication – the only fertility friendly formula available for couple’s trying to conceive.